Putting a CLT house together

People have been variously describing our Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) structure as either like a very big piece of Ikea furniture or a giant Lego kit. And it certainly has a lot in common with both! Each piece is numbered and cross-referenced on a very detailed set of instructions, has its own special connecting pieces and screws, and is based on very precise plans.

To give you some flavour of these plans, here are the engineering drawings created by Tomaz Stich of Stich Consulting and Design, based on the original plans by our architect, Mikaela Hughes of Hughes Downey. In comparing these to the original plans and elevations, these plans only refer to the CLT and don’t include anything else in the house. (NB: these are not the fully scaled plans in PDF, just 800×655 JPEG pictures)

2 thoughts on “Putting a CLT house together

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