About Our Suppliers and Contractors

On this page, you’ll find an evolving list of all the suppliers and contractors we are using, with some comments where we think it is appropriate and fair:

Architecture and Design:

Building and General Contracting:

Site Preparation and Landscaping:

  • Mel from IsLandscapes

Trenching, Excavation, Septic and Cistern supply and installation:

Equipment Hire:



Insulation & Air-Sealing

Windows and Doors






Paints, Stains and Wood Finishes


Kitchen & Pantry:

  • Ikea kitchen cabinets and matt white ‘Voxtorp’ fronts, ‘Ivar’ pantry shelving
  • FSC-certified countertops by Paperstone (from their budget / surplus site, Green Counterops Direct – *great products at a better price, but if you are in Canada, ordering is a chore because you have to arrange all the delivery and customs clearance yourself.)
  • 36″ Induction cooktop by GE Café (in the Sears sale)
  • 28″ single bowl steel undercounter sink (in Lowe’s sale)
  • All other appliances reused from current kitchen

Electrical & Lighting:

  • Rough-in and installation by Leduc Electrical of Kingston
  • All light fittings use dimmable LED bulbs, mostly by Ikea
  • A whole variety of vintage Danish and Dutch shades, mainly sourced via Vintg.com (formerly Retrostart), and some modern Japanese and Ikea shades.

Tatami mats and Shoji sliding screen doors:

  • from Lilin Tatami in Vancouver, BC. They supply real tatami mats (the grass-filled ones, not the ones that have a foam core and a tatami outer layer – although they can do those too) and both standard and custom sliding doors and frames. *Excellent service and very quick and easy to deal with.