End of November 2015 update

If your had read our End of October update, you would be expecting for us to have a completed structure by now. That’s not quite the case, but while the timetable has slipped a little, we’re still happy with progress:

  • Septic system: done.
  • Foundation: done.
  • Merk Leno CLT Structure: arrived and stored; to be assembled from Wednesday December 2nd (subject to weather!)
  • Optiwin Windows and Doors: ETA Port of Montreal, from 4th December; arrival and installation the week after.
  • Schneiderholz Wood Fibre Insulation: ETA Port of Montreal, from December 16th, installation just before Xmas;
  • Walltherm wood stove, tank and solar thermal water heating system: deposit paid; can arrive within 7 days of request by the builder
  • Siding and trim: to be ordered; to be installed most likely in the New Year.
  • Steel roofing: to be ordered; to be installed in the New Year.

The aim is still to have a weatherproof shell by Xmas. However, it will probably not by a fully complete shell until the New Year. Then, it’s on to the interior…


One thought on “End of November 2015 update

  1. Peter F Wood

    Have been following with great interest. Very impressed with the progress – hope your aim for the place to be watertight before Christmas comes to fruition.



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