Heavy Duty

The delivery of our Wallnofer Walltherm stove, water tank and solar thermal panels had been delayed by bad weather along the route from PSES in Nova Scotia and we were not expecting them until Monday. However, we received just an hour’s notice at lunchtime today, that they would be arriving off the next ferry. It was barely enough time to get the back-hoe / fork-lift from Hulton’s…

But, having got the three pallets off the delivery truck, the difficult job of getting the very heavy water tank, and even heavier stove, into the house, began. One of the problems caused by the delay was that the doors had already been installed, meaning that clearance was limited. Luckily the water tank’s insulation is designed incredibly conveniently so it zipped off. The tank itself was still 190kg (420lbs), and big too but the four of us (Chris, Steve, Anne and David) managed to pass it over the sill of the tilt and slide door, which couldn’t take any weight as it is still not fully supported, and get it onto a flat trolley inside the house and then into the machine / utility space.

The stove was smaller but unbelievably even heavier. We partly disassembled it, removing doors and as many of the fire bricks as we could, but we probably did not reduce its 300kg (660lbs) by any more than 10%. To get it into the house and over the sill, Chris thought up an impromptu ramp and ‘bridge’. With two people pulling, two pushing and all of us watching the balance of the stove, we managed it…


Everyone worked really hard today, but we aren’t finished this week. The weather doesn’t look great next week, so we have to work tomorrow to waterproof the house as much as possible for the Christmas and New Year break.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Duty

    1. David Post author

      That’s proving to be a bit of a problem. Lots of rain and some of it is still getting in… but the worst seems to be over now



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