A Week of Windows – Day 5

The last day of window installation was much drier than the previous one! Malcolm had been intending to take Tomaz from Optiwin back to Wakefield before heading down to Montreal Dorval Airport, but since we still had the big Motura tilt and slide door to do, they insisted on staying until they had it finished, and then heading directly to Dorval to get Tomaz on the plane.

This week we’d particularly like to thank Tomaz from Optiwin in Austria, who oversaw the window and door installation, and was a very nice guy to have around. Thank-you, Tomaz! And we hope you got your flight in time…

5 thoughts on “A Week of Windows – Day 5

  1. Damien

    Hi David and Kayo

    I am very happy to know that passive house community is growing in eastern Canada. I found your website while looking for informations about my new Optiwin Motura Sliding Door. Actually mine and yours came on the same ship and Thomas told me that he had to go on an other construction site after finishing with us. We are also aiming PH certification, we are on the right way. I will be pleased to share with you about our houses and the challenges you rised.

    A quick question…
    Yesterday we noticed that the sliding door do not have an exterior handle. My wife went outside through this door, closed it using the frame. But when she came back she was unable to open it because there was nothing to grab, only the flat glass without any edge. Do you have the same problem?




    1. David Post author

      Hi Damien,

      We’d be very interested in hearing more about your build.

      And yes, the Motura door does not have an external handle. I agree that this would be a good idea, but I’m not sure whether one could be fitted…

      David & Kayo.


      1. David Post author

        Having looked at the door a bit more – it seems that it would be impossible to fit an external handle. The frame of the sliding door slides completely behind the frame of the whole door, so there is nothing for a handle to be attached to. One could either look at this as offering complete security, or being something of a design flaw.


      2. Damien

        I planned to use an easy to release vacuum handle, may be like the one they use to install the windows but more discreet one. Particularly during the winter we will regularly go outside through this door and thus we will need to keep it not opened (not sealed but close). It’s the same in summer when it will be a wet 30°C outside. I wasn’t aware of this detail before using it. We love it yet anyways…

        Do you have bug screens with your optiwin windows? Are they from optiwin?

        Everything gonna be perfect, keep going on.



      3. David Post author

        We have a temporary vacuum handle (not intended to be permanent). We didn’t get screens with the windows, except on the Motura door. Optiwin charge a lot of the screens, and they are more easily and cheaply made locally.


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