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More bits and pieces

We had the pump and piping which will take water from the cistern to the house put in this week. As extra security in winter, the pipe has a heat line inside that will keep it from freezing. The one obvious mistake we’ve made so far with how the place looks is probably the very dark Ikea ‘Pax’ wardrobes we bought for the walk-in closet, and which I’ve been putting together this weekend. We didn’t really want this colour originally but we couldn’t get the colour of wardrobe frames that we wanted and we’re fed up of travelling all the way to Ottawa to get stuff. It’s not that important and we’ll get used to it. In good news, our Tatami mats and Shoji screen doors arrived this week from Lilin Tatami in Vancouver. They will have to wait though, as getting the kitchen and bathroom finished are priorities right now – and these are getting there – along with the eavestroughs (gutters) and porch roofing, which was supposed to be done this week, but didn’t happen…