Carpenter Bees

A Carpenter Bee Burrowing

One thing I really hadn’t anticipated would be a problem for us was Carpenter Bees. These large bumblebee-like creatures have a liking for old softwood trees or untreated softwood lumber, in which they burrow, making 1/2cm diameter holes often more than 1m long. They then lay their eggs in them, leaving enough pollen to feed the larvae that will eventually emerge. Our entire place is built out of softwood, however most of it is either CLT, which they don’t go for, or safely treated or under layers of other stuff. However, for some reason, Carpenter bees don’t seem to care about the Sansin natural finish we’ve used everywhere on the external timbers, and in particular, the long non-CLT beam that holds up our porch has attracted their attention. There are all kinds of folk remedies out there, including citrus oils, but none of these seem to bother them that much. They are pretty easy to kill individually but I don’t like to do this as, like all bees, they are getting less common and we need them for pollination. So it seems like the only solution is to have the exposed woodwork sprayed with an insecticide, as recommended here.



1 thought on “Carpenter Bees

  1. Philip Docherty

    Hi We are interested in the spec of your electric post heater, in 2015 we built an eco house in the UK which whilst not certified passive is as close as you can get with double insulated SIP wall and roof panels, triple glazed, HRV with post and pre heaters, rain water recovery, PV panels etc etc. Our post heater is heated with surplus hot water from an oversized hot water cylinder which has first call on any spare PV generation so is always hot. This keeps the house at 21 Deg C in the winter but on really cold days or if we have been away it can drop below this. So we are considering fitting an additional electric post heater so we can boost temperatures quickly if necessary. We would welcome your thoughts as not many people in the UK have done this so far and nobody seams to be able to help.

    Phil & Dawn Docherty



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