One House, Many Nations

While we’ve been through an interesting journey building our own place, there are many people in Canada who don’t have the choice of doing so. This is an amazing country in many ways, but its deepest and most unresolved issue remains its relationship to First Nations, and the conditions in which many indigenous people are living, after years of colonial dispossession, extermination, and attempts to destroy culture and connections to the land. The housing situation in indigenous communities is one of the worst current scandals. Many indigenous communities have terrible housing conditions, made worse rather than improved by multiple failed central government attempts to improve things with inappropriate and ill-thought out solutions.

But this is a government issue, right? Nothing I can do about it personally? Well, leaving aside what we might do to organise at that level, there are many things one can do to support indigenous communities, and in the area of sustainable, livable housing, there is a new and excellent initiative which we’ve been following to support the development of a new model for sustainable, expandable indigenous housing. The One House, Many Nations project is now at the stage of building a prototype to take forward to design expos and look for further funding for improvement and eventual implementation.

We encourage everyone to give the project something. They are looking to raise just $50,000 in the next month. If everyone who regularly reads this blog gave $50 that would almost cover it. It’s not a lot. But it could make a huge difference.


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