Getting inspection-ready

Chris and Anne from New Leaf Custom Homes came round today to do the final few thing we needed to have finished so that the house can be inspected by the local planning office. All that needed to be done was to have a cap put on the balustrade of the stairs to bring it up to code-compliant height and add a decorative finish; and to install the stainless steel handrail. We also wanted to have a cover put in the attic entrance, although that isn’t usually necessary to pass the final inspection.

The house is mostly made of spruce, but the shoji sliding screen doors and frames for the (still unfinished) Japanese room are fir, and as this room is the first thing one will come to at the top of the stairs, it seemed to be a nice idea to have the cap on the balustrade to be fir too. Eventually it will be stained the match the shoji. The stainless steel handrail and attachments came from Krystalyte in Quebec. It’s good to have a bit of industrial steel to offset all that rustic wood (much as we love the wood).

But the important thing for now is that we are ready to be inspected!

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