We are getting there!

I have been away and, of course, as soon as I leave, things start picking up speed. Lots of small but important jobs have been done, and Alfredo the plumber has been back again too, meaning that all the water systems are now working, although somewhere along the way, the septic pump appears to have been misplaced – it’s a mystery we hope to solve soon. Anyway, we are now more than half living in the new house. The light fittings are still not what they will be and we have to finish the Japanese room upstairs, and bookshelves downstairs, and we haven’t moved lounge furniture yet, but we are getting there…

3 thoughts on “We are getting there!

      1. David Post author

        Actually, it turned out to be in the tank all along. Apparently no-one thought to look there… isn’t that always the way?


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