Roofing, Painting and Data Logging

The roofers were back today and finished off the porch roof. However, they will have to come back again to change a couple of things, most importantly to change the way the downspouts from the roof are configured, so that they go directly into the cistern rather than send the water onto the porch roof. It rained a lot overnight and this morning and it was clear from watching that the speed of the water coming down onto the porch roof was such that it just shot over the top of the porch eavestroughs rather than pouring into it. We are also going to have them put in gutter guards to stop the system getting clogged up with leaves and so on.

Also today, Anthony Mach of Mach Design, who was the architect of the Manitou Hills almost-passive house build detailed on the Sunshine Saved blog, came over. He’s doing research work as part of a course at Algonquin College that he’s taking, and he installed data loggers upstairs and downstairs in our place that will record temperature and humidity over the next three months. It was nice to chat with Anthony about common interests and passive house problems.

Finally this week, we’ve started painting doors. It’s one of the areas of the construction where there will be colour. During the process, we’ve been changing our original ideas, which were to have almost every door as a different colour, to being a bit more conventional, because it just didn’t work. The apple green that we’d had mixed for the toilet doors looks a bit too neon in reality and while it’s a perfectly fine colour in itself, doesn’t work against the background colour of the raw spruce or the colour of other nearby doors. So, we’re going to repaint the one upstairs bathroom door with the same colour as the bathroom door and wall (Homestead House’s ‘Laurentian’), and downstairs we’ll use the same Benjamin Moore Nature ‘Mandarin Orange’ – what the Japanese would call みかんいろ – as we have used in the main room.

For the one doorway that doesn’t have a door, the one between the kitchen and pantry, we have put up a Japanese noren, a split curtain. This one is a rather beautiful hand-dyed genuine indigo noren from Tokushima prefecture on the island of Shikoku.

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