The Door into Winter…

It is October 27th today. And this is what it looks like here on Wolfe Island…

Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming!

Fortunately, it’s warm inside and the crew are getting one with installing the doors, which had showed up and been hung by the suppliers in Kingston (whose name we aren’t going to mention here) without them ever telling us or indeed, checking with us which way we wanted any of the doors to open. Luckily, only two of the doors are the wrong way around. Unfortunately we’ve already paid for them, and given our experiences with trying to talk to some of their employees on the phone, there’s no point in us trying to get them to redo them, and frankly we can’t spare the time. This means that Chris will is having to remake the two frames that are the wrong way around, on site,  and that means we no longer have any choices about whether to paint the frames as well as the doors or not – we’ll have to paint them to disguise the remaking.

As for the doors themselves, they are very simple and inexpensive Shaker-style five-panel doors from Millette, in Quebec, primed for painting. The door between the entrance and the main downstairs room is the only one that’s slightly different as it has glass panels. We’ll paint them all over the coming weekend, before adding the hardware. They will be some of the only brighter coloured elements in the house, in tangerine and apple green, marine blue and so on, depending on where they are…

* observant readers will notice the title is a reference to Robert Heinlein’s classic SF novel, The Door into Summer. But summer is definitely not where we are headed right now.

2 thoughts on “The Door into Winter…

  1. M&D

    Ooh! the colder weather appears to be settling in out there on Wolfe Island. Pity about the doors but put it down to experience. Meanwhile we hope all other aspects are progressing well. Your kitchen looks rather spacious, and therefore practical, and we suspect you will enjoy doing the baking and cooking once you get going in your new house. Any idea when you will be able to move in? We wish you well. BTW – please note new e-mail address


    1. David Post author

      Well, we already are sleeping in the new house, as of two days ago, but we need the final visit of the electricians to have hot water and the cooktop and oven to be connected. We hope that will be as soon as possible this coming week.



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