A quick and unscientific temperature test

Things have come to a temporary halt this week as we wait for the electricians to come over, which now looks like it won’t happen until next week. We would like to be able to move in even more as the temperatures have dropped here to -2ºC last night, and has not been above 4ºC today. We’ve had to fire up the pellet stove in the old house and it’s still cold.

On the plus side, these is a very good opportunity to test the baseline performance of the house. Bear in mind that there are currently no heat sources in the house other than the passive solar heating provided by the south-facing windows. The HRV is on the most minimal ‘Away’ setting. And of course, no-one is in the house so there is no heat being generated by body heat, cooking or other activity inside. We’ve checked on the temperature at about 7am and 10pm yesterday and at 7am and 5pm today. The house is maintaining a constant temperature of 20ºC…

Okay, it’s hardly a scientifically valid research finding, but it seems to ‘work’.

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