A slower week

We haven’t posted a lot this week, largely because things seem to have slowed down for several reasons. Partly it’s because this is a busy time of the year for everyone associated with house building, so we’ve had to wait on the roofers to come back to do our porch roof and the eavestroughs (gutters) and downspouts for the rainwater collection system and for the local renewable energy company to install the solar thermal panels. Chris and his crew have also got another smaller job they have to finish off elsewhere, so generally this week we’ve only had a couple of people on site, mainly finishing off the flooring and starting the inside window sills and trim. Meanwhile we took a day long trip to Ikea in Ottawa to get storage and kitchen cabinets. Yes, we would much rather have handmade local stuff but right now, we’re all out of money so, Ikea it is. We’ve also ordered the interior doors, which need to be custom-made because they have to be a little shorter than the standard 80″, paint for the doors – they will be splashes of colour in an otherwise predominantly spruce interior, and we are also waiting for the tatami mats and sliding shoji panels, for the Japanese room, to arrive.

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