Deck 1

Our original plan had been to have a concrete floor for the porch / veranda. The reasons for this escape me now. In any case, it became clear that this was not going to be a practical or cost-efficient way of doing things. So instead, we decided to have a simple floating deck, that would be structurally independent of the house and porch. The preparation was done last week, and this week, in between enormous thunderstorms outside and flooring jobs inside, the crew have been getting on with this. Luckily the deck does not need to be very high, so it is not covered by the Building Code requirement to have handrails around it (for decks 2′ (61cm) high or more). Having a floating deck also allow us to extend it a bit beyond the porch. In general, the deck is 7′ (2.13m) from the wall, but at the south-west corner, it extends 14′ (4.26m) in total, making a nice space to have dinner on a summer evening. We intend to have a pergola around this part and grow grape vines over the top.


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