Flooring (2)

As of Friday, upstairs, we now have two our of the three rooms that are going to be floored in the Brandy 1850 beech, finished, and almost half of the clear maple in the hallways and bathroom.

The maple, which we bought off friends who had it left over from their rennovation project, is not the same level of quality as the flooring we got from Gaylord Hardwood, which is all perfectly cut and so easy and quick to install. In contrast, not only are the maple planks generally small, but half of the planks are 4 1/4″ wide and half are more like 4 3/8″, and many of the corners are very slightly off 90º, which causes some headaches for a perfectionist like our builder, Chris. This is all in addition to the mouse problems I wrote about previously! But he and the crew are making it work. And, of course, the main point is that using this surplus wood is better than throwing it away.

The Japanese room (3rd bedroom) is being left unfloored for now, because it will have tatami mats. Kayo has produced several versions of plans for this room and there will be a post about it in future.

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