Flooring (1)

We’ve finally started flooring! Chris picked up half of the hardwood flooring we have had sitting in the warehouse at proudly-named local wooden flooring outlet, Gaylord Hardwood, for over three months now. Meanwhile Kayo and I moved the maple flooring we bought just after we first moved to Wolfe Island, for a completely different project, from friends who had it left over from their rennovation, from the barn to the new house. That latter job was made rather more complicated and less enjoyable by the fact that mice had apparently taken up residence last winter in what we had throught was a carefully stored pile of floor planks. So we spent yesterday evening and most of today sorting and cleaning, as well as moving, the entire 450 sq ft of maple. Several planks were too badly damaged by mouse urine to use but the overwhelming majority just needed brushing and wiping off with baking soda and water, and we have more than enough usable planks left (we need about 395 sq ft of maple in total).

*Top tip: make sure you wear a face-mask and gloves when dealing with rodent droppings and urine, as both can cause illnesses.

In the meantime, Chris, Steve and Anne were getting on with a number of jobs, including the bathroom (about which, more later) and started actually laying the flooring, beginning in our bedroom and walk-in closet (alternatively known as the fourth bedroom). Here we are using a fairly dark-stained Beech, ‘Brandy 1860’. Everywhere else upstairs we will be using the surplus maple (natural, satin finish), except for the WC and much of the bathroom, which will be tiled. From the stairs to the main downstairs floors, we will be using a brown-black stained Hickory, “Gingerbread”.


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