Interior Finishing 2

Chris and the crew have been working really hard this week on the interior finishing. Most of it is now complete. We used Sansin Purity Glacier, a kind of ecological nano-bonding varnish, largely on the basis that it would not affect the colour of the spruce much and would protect it from the sun. It is also convenient, because it can be sprayed on, and claims to dry to touch in 30 minutes – as we found out this was no exaggeration, indeed it might be even quicker in hot weather. Other products would work slightly differently, for example Sansin’s Purity Clear is specifically designed for pine and cedar and other warmer-toned woods, so basically it reddens over time. Other linseed-based natural oils would bring out the grain and colour but would not offer so much UV-protection – and would also take a lot longer both to apply and for coats to dry.

We decided to use just two layers. We wanted enough to protect the wood but not to use as much as you might apply on furniture etc. We still wanted to be able to feel the grain. So, after the 150 grit sanding (see the post from the other day), we sprayed a layer in a gloss finish. Then this was finely sanded with 220 grit paper. Then a second layer of the same product, but in flat finish, was applied. And this was then finished, again with 220 grit paper. 10 gallons for each layer was about enough, not including the attic and the machine room, which we are leaving raw for now (we may do the attic later) and left a little over. Purity Glacier isn’t cheap – we’re talking $350 CA for a 5 gallon bucket – but considering that this basically replaces plaster or paint for almost the entire house, it works out to be good value in both material costs and labour.

Once again, it’s difficult to convey how beautiful the wood now looks with our basic photography. I hope you can get some feeling for this, and for the process, from these pictures.

Over the next week or two: inside – flooring and outside – porch roofing and decking…

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