Porch Construction 3

The basic construction of the porch has been finished. We still have to the roofing – we will be having the same steel as the main roof, and hopefully this will be done next week, along with the eavestroughs (gutters) – and the deck.

We’re very pleased with it overall. The house is now really starting to look as we had originally envisaged, and the slightly ‘looming’ feeling created by its height and the bulk of the walls has been softened by the more horizontal spread of the porch. In terms of the construction, just like the rest of the CLT structure of the house itself, the porch was factory-cut by Merk based on engineering drawings by Tomaz at Stich Passive Design (see our post about this, here). In general, they did a very good job. There were some small problems, most notably the post heights, one of the slots for the rafters had not been cut as there was a text on the drawings that obscured it, and finally the corner rafter was very slightly too short. But all of these problems were relatively easy to deal with. Like the rest of the roof rafters, all the woodwork has been stained with Sansin SDF in ‘Light Oak’.

And the porch is already showing its worth – daytime temperatures in the house have dropped massively, and the shading effect is also clearly visible. This is good because the temperature and humidity combined right now is pushing what Canadians call the ‘humidex’ (how hot it feels taking account of humidity) up into the high 30s in Celsius, and most of the other jobs that remain to be done will be inside the house.


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