Porch Construction 1

Alongside the HRV installation, the crew are also getting the porch (or ‘veranda’, for those back in Britain) built. The porch isn’t just for show or to give us a nice place to sit outside – although it will do that – it’s an essential part of the ecological design of the house. The depth and roof angle calculated to provide the right amount of shade in this particular latitude that will keep the high summer sun from overheating the house through the large south-facing windows, but allow the lower sun to provide that essential passive solar heating during winter, spring and autumn.

One of the advantages of having very shallow bedrock is that the piers don’t have to be that deep. However, they do have to be level and the bedrock slowly slopes from one corner of the site to the other. We’re using heavy-duty recycled cardboard tubular “Ecoforms” that are easy to cut to fit the slightly uneven limestone bedrock and to slice to the appropriate height. With spirit levels and a sighting laser, Chris and the crew had it all sorted out in no time. As we have a long weekend (Monday is a public holiday here), it was perfect timing to get the concrete piers poured today so that, in these hot conditions, the concrete will be fully cured by Tuesday, and hopefully this means that the rest of the structure can be built next week.


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