Siding is almost finished

Summer has come and the siding is almost finished. There’s just a little bit on the north side still to do. Our builders, New Leaf Custom Homes, are not cutting any corners and the finishing details have been done perfectly. The Naturetech engineered wood siding is warranteed for 25 years but with the care that has been taken with filling and caulking the joins, this siding should protect the house for decades to come – that is real sustainability.

After this it will be subflooring and HRV installation – there will some detailed posts about the latter, which will be of a lot more interest to passive house fans…


2 thoughts on “Siding is almost finished

  1. picturemyarchitecture

    May i ask what window sill product you used? The one pictured on the image. I would also like to know more about window detai at sill, jamb and head and also how it is flashed and water proofed with the windows being inset.


    1. David Post author

      The sills were custom-manufactured by Optiwin and came with the windows. The construction was quite complex – I will try to draw out a diagram at some point and give more detail.



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