Siding Continues

Siding continues, slightly slower than expected for various reasons: some wet weather last week, and the challenges of fitting siding around the rafters on the gable ends. So far we have just over half done, including one whole gable end (the east). The west end will require the same care, but the north and south faces should be much quicker as there are no complicated angles. And it looks fantastic. The combination of the deep red window frames, raw aluminium trim and ‘thunderblue’ siding really works.

One thing I like about our builder, Chris from New Leaf Custom Homes, apart from his commitment to ecological building, is that he thinks carefully about even small problems and comes up with some really satisfying solutions. One example recently was when he found a use for some left-over rubber gasketing. Putting it beneath the plywood around the door frame allowed the plywood structure just enough give to be able to slip the aluminium trim deep between the door frame and ply, giving a really sold result.


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