Siding has Started

No sooner had the roof been finished than the siding arrived and the crew had already started putting it up.

Although initially we had wanted to use local white cedar siding, it turned out that good quality seasoned white cedar was very difficult to source, and not cheap – and cost became an increasingly urgent question as the cost of our basic structure increased. So we decided a while back to use engineered wood – basically a kind of fibreboard – which has the same kind of advantages as cementboard, including long lifespan, 25-year guarantees and lack of need for painting or finishing, but with fewer environmental impacts in production. There aren’t many companies who produce engineered wood siding, and we went with the most local, Naturetech by KWP, which is now owned by Kaycan. It also helped that our builder, Chris, was able to get this at a discount through his professional connections.

We always wanted a dark colour – early in the design process we had considered trying to the Japanese-style charred wood siding, which is basically black. But charring is process which requires some skill (or a fair bit of trial and error!). The Naturetech range includes several dark colours, and we went for a deep grey-blue, called Thunderblue. It works well with both the dark red window frame and the plain metal of the galvanized steel roof and aluminium trim. Again, with an eye to both minimizing over-fancy detail and to keeping down costs, we went with the most basic, “Classic” – plain 6″ planks. In total, it worked out at about $2.83 CAN / sq ft. With siding, usually the most expensive elements are the special mouldings and trim, but since we had already decided to trim the windows in aluminium, we thought that we would match this on the corners of the house, and butt the siding up against aluminium corner pieces made to fit on-site.

And, already from what the crew have already done, it looks great. Given good weather, this could be finished by the end of next week.


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