Getting Ready for Roofing (2)

The good weather has held today meaning that the crew have made excellent progress on insulating the north side of the house and the roof. There have been a few minor problems: the Schneiderholz 110 baselayer wood fibre insulation remains messy to cut to size; and we didn’t have enough of the 14″ long fasteners we’ve been using to screw the battens and top layer of insulation into the CLT. However, we managed to source a load more from the marvellous Canadian Log Home Supply, and apparently they are already on their way… that’s what I call service! We also don’t have enough of the Schneiderholz Top 220 waterproof wood fibre insulation top layer, and aren’t going to be able to get any more, so we will have to improvise with some 1.5″ Roxul Comfortboard and more housewrap, which at least have the virtue of being relatively cheap and easy to source. The snow and rain that is forecast means that the crew won’t be on site for a couple of days so the next update will probably not be until Friday…

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