Getting Ready for Roofing


Francis helping out with staining

Well, here we are in the middle of March, and we are just about where we had originally hoped to be by Christmas. I guess 3 months behind schedule is not actually that bad, and now the snow has suddenly all melted and spring is in the air, it feels like things are much better. If only we weren’t reaching the limit of our funds…

Anyway, this week the crew has been getting everything on the south side of the house finished so that the scaffolding can all be shifted to the north side next week. The insulation had all been finished, the window trim completed. We then spent a weekend staining spruce sheathing with Sansin SDF. Why would we bother staining sheathing? Well, the sheathing is only being installed on the overhangs where there is no insulation, and our overhang design will leave the rafters and the sheathing on top of them open. There will be no fascia or soffit because we want the lovely engineered rafters to be seen. Someone said it looked ‘very European’ this week. We’ll take some more detailed pictures once the scaffolding has been moved.

On top of the insulation and sheathing we are fitting a Pro-Clima Solitex Plus membrane, which is high-performance and expensive and was luckily bought back when we still had some money. On top of this are going double-width battens, which are secured right through the entire assembly into the CLT roof structure with very long (and difficult to source) 13″ screws. The battens are double-width because eventually they will have to take screws for solar panels too. The metal roof will be installed by Prestige Roofing of Kingston. We can’t afford anything fancy, and luckily we didn’t want anything other than basic galvanized steel, anyway.

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