A few jobs we didn’t expect

Every project has extra little (and sometimes big) things that you don’t expect to have to do. While waiting for the snow to stop this week, the crew has been doing some of these things:

  1. As we’ve written previously, the electrical chases were all drilled into the CLT in the factory, as were the holes for all the switch and plug boxes. However, the Austrian factory clearly wasn’t geared up to cut out rectangular holes to fit North American electrical boxes, and despite our clear directions, they gave us rounded corners. So the crew went back to basics with hammer and chisel to cut out the corners. Not difficult, but it took time.
  2. A slightly bigger job is the staircase. We had a CLT staircase supplied, but due to some miscommunication somewhere in the process, some of the pieces were the wrong size. We didn’t really like the unnecessary bulk of the pieces anyway. The CLT in the rest of the house has a kind of elegance, even where it is over-engineered. But here it was just bulky. And particularly under the stairs, we are going to need all the space we can get to make sure that the stove-pipe and chimney have the right clearances, so a simpler, lighter structure makes more sense. As a result, we’re using the landing supplied, but that’s it. We’ll probably turn the remaining pieces into a kitchen island and a bench for the entrance hall…
  3. House wrap. Following our experiences with rain in recent weeks, we are going to wrap the structure in Tyvek (it’s what we could get our hands on quickly). This should keep any further water infiltration, while allowing the structure to dry out.

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