A Week of Windows – Day 4

It was a miserably wet night and this meant was that the house was filling up with water. Despite protecting all the window openings and sealing many of the gaps, the areas where the walls join the roof and the floors have not been sealed yet and rain was infiltrating everywhere. But we didn’t even have time to do more than vacuum up the worst areas as we still had a lot of windows to install. The rain continued throughout the morning until it turned to misty drizzle by the afternoon, which was the best kind of weather for installing windows. But, working into the darkness, we got all of them done except the long window over the stairs, and the big tilt and slide door. We have to get the latter installed tomorrow before 11am, when Tomaz from Optiwin has to head back to the airport in Montreal.

A note about the front door:  Our front door is also supplied by Optiwin, and it’s finished in the same colour as the window frames, but it wasn’t made by them. Like our windows, it is also Passivhaus certified, and comes from a company called Tarredo in Germany, and it’s one of the most expensive things about the house. It is beautiful and it closes like the door of a safe. More later…

2 thoughts on “A Week of Windows – Day 4

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