The Coming Week

Progress in the coming week won’t be as spectacular as the week before last but it will be important.

  • The main job will be installing the windows and external doors.The guy from Optiwin arrives on Tuesday evening, and we aim to get everything done in two days (hmm… this seems to be a consistent theme of this build!). Malcolm from the Canadian Passive House Institute will also be down again for the installation.

However, there are also a lot of other things happening:

  • On Tuesday, we should have a big delivery from Power Strength and Energy Solutions in Nova Scotia: the Walltherm stove, water tank and solar thermal panels, plus all the fixtures and fittings.
  • Sometime during the week, the Schneiderholz wood-fibre insulation panels will arrive too. We’ll write more about them in a future post. One slight problem we already know that we will have is that we won’t have enough of them to cover the whole house, as we could only order what they could ship in a single container. After the windows, the priority will be getting the roof insulation done, so we can put the steel roof on.
  • Before we get any roofing done, the rafters for the roof overhang have to be treated – this will be my job. We hope to use Sansin SDF for this as it’s water-based and pretty good in ecological terms but also long-lasting. We’ll use this on all the external woodwork, including the porch posts and rafters, but they are not such an urgent task.

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