CLT Construction Day 3

We just had the roof panels and get done today, as well as screwing and tightening all round. It was a Saturday, so the aim was to get this done in a half day, and we just about managed it. The roof panels were one of the hardest parts of what a job that, while not easy, was at least logical and organised.

So, in two-and-a-half days we completed the main CLT structure, and also tidied and rearranged the site ready for next week’s work, which will include the rafters and preparing for the insulation and window installation. Everyone did a fantastic job: Malcolm, Chris, Steve, Anne, and even me (I am exhausted as I write this, so I know I worked hard!), and Kayo, who kept us all very well-fed and supplied with enough tea and coffee. However, the person I want to thank most today is Mike the crane operator from C.A. Peters, who had to switch constantly between being bored for long periods, and then having to do really careful precision lifting, all the while dealing with a whole lot of different people, not all of whom were experienced with big cranes and the signals needed for their operators.

2 thoughts on “CLT Construction Day 3

  1. Dad

    I’m very impressed with the whole building team’s co-ordination (including you of course and Kayo with the sustenance!) and the way it all went. We are looking forward to seeing the next stage.


    1. David Post author

      The way this house is designed, the biggest jobs happen in bursts, so we have to have larger numbers of people working intensely over short periods rather than one or two people gradually framing etc. So, it needed organisation – and the detailed design and engineering planning that we did for the last few months before this. But the crew we have had has been excellent and there was also a great deal of almost psychic understanding of what needed to be done. Next big jobs: insulation, and windows & doors – in about a week’s time.



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