CLT Construction Day 2

Day 2 of our build: another overcast sky but, thankfully, no rain. And we got even more done than we had hoped for. Here’s the story in pictures:

So, we got far more done than we had been anticipating, even hoping for. This means that tomorrow, we will only have to do the roof panels, which will save a significant amount of money on overtime for the crane and operator at least. But more importantly, we will have managed to do what fully trained crews in Germany and Austria do in just about the same time. Part of the reason we did so well was the great crew, all of whom were amazing, but as he is leaving us tonight and won’t be back tomorrow, I particularly want to thank Ian, the incredible timber-framer, who volunteered his time to help us out just because he want to learn about CLT building. His knowledge, skill and strength have all been essential.

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