CLT Construction Day 1

The plan for the CLT construction process was to do one floor a day. As days are short in December, and darkness comes soon after 4.30pm, we started as early as we could, from 7.30am. Here’s how Day 1 went…

By the end of the day we had done exactly what we had hoped and planned for: a complete first floor! And we were ready to start with the second storey on Day 2.

There is a lot more to see from this process too, which we will put up in future: Malcolm from the Canadian Passive House Institute put up a camera on the roof of the old house, which takes a picture every 5 seconds, so eventually we will have a complete time-lapse video of the whole process. Our architect, Mikaela, also took some hand-held video at several points during the day. And we have even more photos.

It’s really been quite amazing to see what we’ve been planning for so long actually happening… but, for now, it’s time for sleep and another early start and more hard work tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “CLT Construction Day 1

  1. David Post author

    They are, but they were also very slightly too big all round, and we ended up having to plane one of them along its whole length before we dropped the ceiling panels in…


  2. Dad

    Wow! Your Mum and I are following this build with great interest – as you say it’s wonderful to see it all happening after months of planning. We did like the fine adjustments being carried out with the ‘Birmingham screwdriver’ on the fitting of one of the beams! Looking forward to seeing Day two!


    1. David Post author

      The interesting thing is that, despite all the precision manufacturing etc., CLT is still wood and you can bash it about a bit to make it fit perfectly!


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