Septic System Complete

The septic system has been completed, and we now have a mound around the Waterloo Biofilters, which is large, but nowhere near as large as if we had gone for other system like the Ecoflow. Brian Cooper and his guys, who installed all this, and did all the trenching and foundation prep work, were excellent, thank-you!

The biofilter mound

The biofilter mound

...with child to scale!

…with child to scale!



One thought on “Septic System Complete

  1. Geanine Zuliani

    Hey David!
    This is a great blog; i’m sorry i didn’t stumble across it earlier. I was wondering if you would mind if i linked it on our Twitter? Also, would you have a minute to e-mail me, I have some follow-up questions.
    Thanks so much!
    Geanine Zuliani
    Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.



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