Site Views

We had to take some pictures to help calculate the solar gain, and other factors for passive house certification, so we might as well share them here. They give a better idea of the situation. They are all taken from about the centre of the new house location.

Most of the scrub, brushwood and the trees in the fore- and middle-ground in the South view are going to be removed, except for the Pine tree. The small Horse Chestnut we hope can be transplanted to a neighbour’s yard. The cedar to the East / South-east is going to be trimmed down, and we’ll probably also move the playhouse / puppet theatre that was built by previous owners and then painted wonderfully by our tenant, Anita, when we were away last year. The fruit bushes to the West and East are going to be moved to the lawn on the north side of the old house (North-west in these pictures, beyond the huge Horse Chestnut), which we plan to turn into an orchard. The North view shows the beginnings of the forest garden we’ve developing, with many native fruit and nut trees including Black Walnut, Hazel, Elder, Rowan, Serviceberry, Wild cherry, Wild plum, Hackberry and more.

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